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Connecting the stories you love to games you want to play.

Welcome to Your Omniverse

Brought to you by the multi-layered magic of OmniCards. 

The Exfinitum Omniverse


Players: 2-4

Time: 15-60 minutes

Type: Comprehensive/Complex

No turns, infinite draw, no wait time between plays . . . the ultimate evolution of TCGs is here, and you've never played anything like it.

Exfinitum Omniverse: Evolution


The Worlds of the Omniverse

The realms of superpowers and gods, where myths and legends come to life.

Champions here do things inherently thought to be impossible in other worlds. 



These realities contain realms where society has collapsed, or survives in a state of great injustice. These Champions are wily underdogs who have learned how to survive at any cost.



From high magic to fantastical and farcical, these realms use the power of the imagined to shape reality. Champions from these realities constantly face the impossible.



Yoton Yo Studios

Achieving the Impossible.

About us

Phygital cards with imbedded ownership and pedigree verification encoding.


Head over to our Discord or contact us for more information about adventure silos, community gathering spots, or playtesting for both the tabletop and digital versions of our games. Click to fill out our amazing form.

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